How we started

As our close family members bagain to benefit from CBD oils, but were being forced to choose between paying bills and purchasing their expensive Cannabis, we knew that it was time to step in and make a difference. 

We set out with two goals at hand. The first was to find a reptuable company that stood by the same quality standards that we already did for our existing body care line. The second was to ensure that we could acquire this product and get it to the public who needed it the most, at a price that they could afford.  

After several meetings and independent lab tests, we are completely satisfied with the Colorado based grow/harvest company that we were fortunate enough to form a partnership with in order to complete our goals. 

Every lot/batch of Cannabis that we use is grown in the beautiful state of Colorado and conforms fully to the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 and 2018 Farm Bill and is registered with the state Department of Agriculture. It is internally lab tested by the supplier who secondly uses an external lab for verification. We then send our finished products to another independent lab for a 3rd lab analysis to confirm that our customers are purchasing what is promised. These steps are just a small part of how we go the extra mile to get the best Cannabis available on the market, and to create the best products for you at an affordable price. 

We love what we do!